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Workshop Overview

Embark on a transformative journey in our comprehensive 5-day Train the Trainer workshop. Tailored for individuals aspiring to excel in instructional design and delivery, this program offers a unique blend of theory and hands-on experience.

Dive into practical assessments designed for both virtual and classroom training environments. Sharpen your training skills, master effective communication, and develop impactful assessment strategies. Participants will undergo practical assessments, ensuring proficiency in creating dynamic and engaging training experiences.

Join us to unleash your potential as a skilled and adaptable trainer, ready to excel in both virtual and physical learning environments.

Workshop breakdown

Day 1 - Planning Prior to the Course

Evaluate learning objectives and align them with the needs of both learners and the organization.
Create an environment conducive to learning.

Day 2 - Methods and Media for Instructional Delivery

Select and implement delivery methods.
Use instructional media.
Maintain consistent behaviour with all learners..

Day 3 - Instructor Credibility and Communications

Demonstrate professional conduct & content expertise.
Establish and maintain a learner-centred environment.

Day 4 - Group Facilitation

Use a variety of question types and techniques.
Address learner needs for additional explanation and encouragement.
Motivate and reinforce learners.

Day 5 - Evaluate the Training Event

Evaluate learner performance throughout the training event.
Evaluate trainer performance and delivery of course.
Final Classroom and Virtual Assessments

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