About Our Team


Professional Trainers

Our trainers have numerous years experience in the software applications they facilitate. They are professional and able to adapt the training content to your needs.


Our trainers are Adobe and CompTIA certified. All delegates attending our courses will receive a certification of competence after a successful completion of an assessment.

About Us

We specialise in both on-site and online Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and eLearing software training and consulting.

We customise our course content based on your employees needs and job-role. We offer flexible training hours to accommodate your teams working schedule, thus ensuring minimal time loss, and productivity is maintained.

We give our clients the the option to divide their allocated training hours into shorter, more manageable sessions based on their workload.

We will cater for both the individual and groups, ensuring individual attention and maximum return. We will travel both nationally and internationally should this be a requirement.

Sharing our knowledge today for your use tomorrow

Carla Ralph

Owner and Founder
Adobe trainer

Meg McDonald

Microsoft Office Trainer

Bella Scholtz

Social Media


Magenta's Points of Culture


To be agile in an ever-changing industry: with regard to product knowledge, industry trends and consulting services


Committed to our clients, to our team and our business.


To provide consistency across all areas of our business.


To have a reputation of excellence in terms of our customer service, professionalism and as a measure of success.


To ensuret business success for our client, our team and our business.


To ensure that we have the correct policies, systems and procedures in place that contribute not only to the smooth running of our business, but to our success.

Our Privacy Policy 

From 1 July 2021, the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) came into effect.

In the normal course of our business, we will be collecting, retaining, disseminating, using, and processing personal information of our clients to enable us to carry out our contractual duties.

Magenta SA respects your privacy and is committed to keeping your personal information secure and confidential when registering for any of our services, our training, consulting webinars or social media live events.

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